Why are sliding partitions and walls fireproof?

Fire safety is important. Especially in areas with a large crowd of people — in banks, offices, hotels, cinemas, and so on. Unfortunately, not all construction and finishing materials are completely fireproof. Therefore, the choice should be approached especially carefully.

We offer you fire-resistant sliding partitions — structures that effectively prevent the spread of fire and contain it. Thus, in the event of a fire, they are able to give people time to evacuate, and also localize the fire, allowing you to reduce the damage caused.

All fire-resistant sliding structures of our company are made of fire-proof finishing materials, have hidden aluminum panel profiles and an expanding heat sealer.

We offer a more detailed look at the design of fireproof sliding walls:

  • finishing of non-combustible material KM2;
  • thermal expansion seal, which expands under the influence of high temperature and covers all gaps;
  • concealed fire-resistant profile on which the facing material is mounted;
  • sealed joints restraining smoke, gas and other products of combustion.

Refractory structures are divided into two categories according to the class of fire safety:

  1. EI 30 — isolate the fire source for 30 minutes.
  2. EI 60 — isolate the fire source for 60 minutes.

The choice in favor of a particular class of fire safety of refractory partitions should be made depending on the scope of use of the room and the specifics of its operation. If necessary, our managers will help you make the right choice.

Today, our fireproof sliding structures are used in cinemas, banks, shopping and entertainment complexes, airports, schools, hotels and so on. If you also want to take comprehensive care of fire safety, be sure to consider our products. After all, safety is above all!