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Movable walls QAZAQWALL

Production from 7 days

Cost from 126 000 tenge/m2

Finishing type EGGER laminated chipboard Stock program + RAL painting on both sides in different colors

Dimensions: Length - 5 800 mm.Height - 2 850 mm.Length - 5 450 mm.Height - 2 850 mm.

Soundproof 48 dB

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It is remarkable that now there are multi-storey complexes for holding events of any purpose.

One of such complexes is Space "Vesna", on the ground floor of which two of our soundproof sliding walls with a hidden profile are installed.

What is the purpose of this wall and what functions does it perform?

The structure divides the two halls on this floor into independent zones. These zones, in turn, have “speaking” names. One of them is the “White Hall” with a capacity of up to 200 people, and the second “Green Hall” is slightly smaller and is designed for 140 people.

The names of the halls were not chosen by chance; they are indeed painted in the appropriate colors. A correspondingly important task was to find the possibility of making sliding walls with different colors on each side.

And to make it not so easy for our specialists to find a solution, another wish for the design of the panels was the absence of an aluminum profile around the perimeter.

But for us, taking into account the great experience, it was not difficult to satisfy all the customer's requests. We have produced a sliding wall with a hidden profile. And the panels were painted turquoise on one side and white on the other.

The owners and visitors of the Space "Spring" were satisfied and believe that now the halls look even brighter and more interesting than before.

As for the technical characteristics of the QAZAQWALL sliding wall, they are as follows:

Number of panels - 10 pcs .;
Wall profile - Hidden;
Track color - White RAL 9016;
Panel parking type - NZ-2 + NK-6;
Mount - Ceiling;
Total weight - 1,360 kg.

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