Movable walls Parthos in the P.L. Kapitsa
Movable walls Parthos

Production from 30 days

Cost from 144 000 tenge/m2

Finishing type EGGER chipboard 1887 Maple

Dimensions: Length - 9 000 mm.Height - 3 000 mm.

Soundproof 39 dB

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New, modern and high-tech. This is how one can characterize the new building of the P.L. Kapitsa.

The lyceum is located in the city of Dolgoprudny and is attended mainly by schoolchildren from Moscow and the region.

Any modern educational institution strives to provide its students not only with an excellent level of teaching each of the subjects (which is certainly the main one in this matter), but also to make the very stay in the classroom as comfortable as possible. It is also important for the lyceum to optimize the use of classrooms and public areas of the building.

This is most easily achieved by using innovative programs and various technical solutions.

What exactly was used in the GOBU "Phystech Lyceum" named after P.L. Kapitsa for the effective use of those classes that are available?

Without false modesty, we can say that their wise and practical solution was the installation of PARTHOS sliding walls. Certainly, the products of the leading Dutch manufacturer meet the high demands and standards of this educational institution.

With the PARTHOS sliding walls, the rooms have improved not only functionality, but also become more stylish in terms of interior design. With their help, one class can be easily divided into two independent spaces.

At the same time, the high level of sound insulation of this design makes it easy to divide the rooms and conduct classes with lessons or lectures for groups in them simultaneously, without interfering with each other.

Let's dwell on the characteristics of the installed PARTHOS sliding wall:

Number of walls - 4 pcs.;
The total number of panels is 31 pcs.;
Mount type - ceiling;
Parking type - No. 5;
Length - 9,000 mm., 8 980 mm., 9 030 mm, 8 915 mm.
Height - 3,020mm., 2,990mm., 3,030mm., 3,005mm.
Each segment is 80mm thick.
Product weight - 765 kg., 751 kg., 756 kg., 746 kg.

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