Effective sound insulation of the educational process

According to the current sanitary standards, the following noise indicators are allowed in educational institutions:

  • 40 dBa — permissible noise level in the classroom, teacher's room and library;
  • 55 dBa — permissible noise level in the area adjacent to the school;
  • 47 dB — minimum noise isolation between classrooms, as well as between the classroom and the school corridor;
  • 0.5 seconds — is the allowed reverberation time in the class.

As a rule, these standards are taken into account even at the stage of construction and repair. But if you need to zone the space, the situation becomes more complicated. Especially if it is impractical to build capital walls.

The best solution for educational institutions is sliding walls for schools-sliding sound-proof partitions that fully meet the above requirements.

We produce folding walls for schools with a sound insulation level from 36 to 57 dB, depending on the customer's requirements and operating conditions. At the same time, the structures are mobile, they can be assembled into a compact parking lot and open the space if necessary.

Sliding sound-proof partitions for schools are the best choice if you need to zone and separate the space in classrooms, laboratory rooms and other school premises. Additional permits and documents are not required for the installation and dismantling of such structures, as this is not considered a redevelopment.

We also draw your attention to the fact that you can order sliding walls for classrooms, sliding walls for kindergartens and other educational institutions. We guarantee strict compliance with the current requirements of the SNIP and other regulatory documents. As well as the brand quality from the manufacturer.

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