Types of sliding partitions for zoning space

There are many ways to zone the space with sliding partitions. We use the most obvious and, in our opinion, correct ones — according to the type of fastening and movement of the flaps. Thus, we can distinguish four main categories of structures:

  1. Partitions with a rail mechanism. The panels move along the ceiling and floor track, which allows you to move smoothly, noiselessly and without effort.
  2. Walls-partitions without a threshold. Unlike the previous type, there are no guides on the floor, and only the ceiling profile is used. Sealing thresholds are mechanically pushed into the floor and ceiling.
  3. Folding partitions (sliding partitions with parking) are structures in the form of an accordion door that are compactly folded and removed into a small parking lot. A very convenient option if you periodically need to zone the space, and the rest of the time keep it "open".
  4. Inclined sliding walls are partitions that must first be pushed away and then pushed aside. According to the principle of operation, they resemble side doors in cargo minivans.

Please note! Our company offers customers designs of the first, second and third types — the most common and practical in operation.

We choose the appropriate type of sliding partitions

It is impossible to say unequivocally which type of sliding partitions will be optimal for you. It is necessary to take into account the features of the room where they will be installed, the frequency of opening/closing, the necessary level of fire safety and noise insulation, etc.

We recommend that you consult our specialist before ordering. He will study your specific case and recommend optimal design solutions, taking into account the specifics of future use, budget and your personal wishes.

We guarantee branded quality, regardless of the type of partitions chosen!