How can movable walls be useful in a hotel

As a rule, in expensive hotels and hotels, there is a fairly competent and well-thought-out layout that does not require improvements. But in budget locations with a layout, there are often nuances. And they need to be corrected. You can make alterations and build monolithic walls. But much more practical will be movable walls — functional and comfortable structures with a high level of sound insulation — up to 58 dB.

Movable walls for hotels can be used for different purposes:

  1. Prepare an area for conferences and negotiations with good sound insulation.
  2. Separate the dining room space from other rooms.
  3. Create an area for various events — weddings, exhibitions, press conferences, etc.
  4. Make a VIP waiting area and the like.

Soundproof folding partitions can be made of different materials and with different designs, so that they are combined as much as possible with the rest of the interior. In addition, modern production allows you to create really large structures:

  • thickness — 80-110 mm;
  • height — up to 15,000 mm;
  • width — up to 1240 mm.

Sound insulation level — up to 58 dB. This is more than enough to create a comfortable, quiet and functional space. Movable sound insulation walls also protect the fenced area from drafts and odors, plus they have a high level of fire safety.

You can order individual production for any room in our company. The craftsmen themselves will deliver the product to the site and perform installation on the site. Fast, high-quality and inexpensive!