Why do movable walls move silently?

Just make a reservation that not all movable walls and partitions move silently. There are structures that open and close quite loudly from the very beginning. And there are also those that eventually start to make more noise when driving due to damage to seals and other structural elements.

However, our partitions are really silent. And this is achieved in several ways:

  1. Sound insulation materials are installed between all the panels.
  2. Each movable wallsl has mechanical sills in its design-seals that go into the floor and ceiling, ensuring silent opening/closing.
  3. All components of the structure are firmly connected to each other, and the fasteners do not weaken over time. Thus, the noiselessness persists for years.

In addition, a movable walls or partition is much more difficult to close than, for example, a door. Opening and closing is smooth and precise. And even if you put extra effort, the sealing thresholds will absorb the impact and do not create unnecessary noise. In addition, it additionally protects the structure from mechanical damage.

If your partitions start opening and closing too noisily, the fasteners may have loosened and need to be tightened. Either the problem is the seals that have worn out over time, or they were originally installed incorrectly. In any case, it is better to contact the master, who will study the design in detail and recommend how to eliminate unnecessary noise.

For our part, we guarantee that our movable walls and partitions will move as silently as possible during the entire warranty period. And even more!