Service life of folding partitions

We know that one of the main parameters of folding partitions that customers are interested in is their service life. After all, many manufacturers do not specify it, but are limited only by the warranty period.

We should immediately note that the service life largely depends on how and under what conditions you use the partitions, whether you follow the operating rules, whether you do not expose them to strong shock loads, and so on. If you follow at least the basic recommendations, then the service life of our products goes for decades.

Official warranty from the manufacturer

As for the warranty, we provide it for up to 3 years, depending on the type of construction and the materials used in the production. You can find out the exact warranty period for the model you are interested in in the corresponding product card on our website.

You can order folding partitions online on the website, or by contacting by phone and discussing all the details personally with the manager of our company. He will also tell you the exact warranty period and announce all the warranty conditions.

If you have any difficulties in using partitions, a defect or malfunction has been detected, be sure to contact us and we will find a solution.