Redevelopment of the premises in a day with the help of sliding noise-insulating partitions

Sliding partitions with sound insulation are an excellent choice for fast, inexpensive and most importantly-completely legal redevelopment of the room. No permits are required for their installation or dismantling, and installation is usually carried out in just a day. At the same time, sliding partitions with parking take up a minimum of space and, if necessary, are assembled in a very compact structure, freeing up space.

We strongly recommend the use of sound-proof sliding partitions and abandon the construction of monolithic walls. Otherwise, you will either have to get a number of permits, or make an unauthorized reconstruction. The second option is fraught with not the most pleasant consequences. If we talk about residential premises, then no one can find out about unauthorized redevelopment for decades. But if you, for example, decide to sell a house or one of the neighbors reports such a redevelopment, there will be a lot of trouble. You will either have to legalize the redevelopment, spending a lot of time, effort and money. Or pay a fine and return the room to the form corresponding to the real plan. All this is very problematic.

With sliding partitions, nothing like this will occur. The installation of our products is not considered a de facto redevelopment and can be carried out arbitrarily. Well, you can order the production and installation of accordion partitions and other similar turnkey structures in our company.

We produce sliding structures for all types of rooms:

apartments and private houses;
educational and medical institutions;
production and commercial facilities, other.
Our specialists will arrive at the site, make all the necessary measurements, perform the production of partitions, bring them to the site and install them in just a day. Only in rare cases does it take longer. At the same time, the work is as clean and neat as possible, unlike the construction of capital walls.

Get a free consultation from our specialist or immediately order the production and installation of sliding walls.

With our solutions, any redevelopment is easy!