In which cases is a sliding wall the best solution?

Movable (sliding) walls and partitions are gaining more and more popularity as a tool for zoning space. Especially in some cases:

  1. You do not want to redevelop the premises, get the necessary permits, perform complex and lengthy construction work.
  2. The need to divide the room into zones is not always there — sometimes you need to open and free up space. Monolithic walls, of course, do not provide such an opportunity.
  3. The requirement is for increased fire safety and sound insulation. You can order sliding walls with increased noise insulation and fire safety, depending on the operating conditions and your personal requirements.
  4. Tight deadlines for work. The production and installation of a sliding structure takes much less time than the construction of even the simplest monolithic wall. And if you add to this the deadlines for preparing documents for redevelopment and obtaining the appropriate permits, the difference becomes even more obvious.
  5. The desire to save money and frequent travel. If you, for example, regularly change office space and move, folding partitions will significantly simplify your life. They can be dismantled relatively easily and quickly, and then installed in a new place.

Scope of application of sliding walls

Today, movable walls are used in apartments and private homes, hotels, educational institutions, medical and administrative institutions, cafes, offices and restaurants, warehouses, gyms and clubs, concert halls, shopping centers, and so on. This is a very versatile and practical solution that surpasses monolithic walls and partitions in almost all parameters.

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