One room — multiple zones

Visual zoning of the space is not the most difficult task. You can use any of the suggested solutions:

  • screens, partitions and curtains;
  • arrangement of furniture items;
  • lighting;
  • various finishing options;
  • the difference in the height of the floor/ceiling, etc.

But what if you need to zone the room not only visually, but also functionally? In this case, the best choice is zoning with folding partitions.

Folding partitions are mobile structures that can be deployed at any time and assembled back into a compact parking lot. At the same time, you do not just zone the space, but also provide the necessary level of noise insulation.

Accordion partitions for zoning are an excellent choice not only for residential premises (for example, studio apartments), but also for educational, medical institutions, industrial and commercial facilities, various exhibition centers, conference halls, and so on.

Thanks to a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, folding structures can fit into any interior. They can be transparent or blind, have an increased level of noise insulation and fire safety, and differ in the type of construction and parking area. Today, you can choose and order movable walls for almost any room. And the installation will take only a day, unlike the construction of capital walls or even relatively simple drywall structures.

You can order accordion partitions and other similar structures in our company. We make them individually for the customer's request, make the necessary measurements ourselves, perform production and installation on site. We guarantee quality and compliance with deadlines. And we can say with confidence that this method of zoning space is the best one for today.

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