Use of folding partitions in various rooms

Movable walls and partitions have been widely used in various fields over the past few years. They are installed in residential, industrial, office, commercial and other premises to zone the space and provide a high level of sound insulation. And all this — without the need for classic redevelopment and performing "dirty" construction work.

Here are just a few examples of how folding structures are used today:

  • Folding partitions for a concert hall — dividing the space of a hall into several rooms. For example, to separate the stage from the audience area and hold a conference.
  • Folding partitions for the store — zoning the room into several small spaces. For example, to separate zones with certain product categories.
  • Folding partitions for the Museum — separate certain expositions from the General exhibition. For example, if a separate payment is provided for this exhibition.
  • Folding partitions for the office — dividing the office area into several work areas with good sound insulation. Partitions can be either transparent or opaque.
  • Folding partitions for restaurants — separate VIP areas or areas for large companies, corporate events, etc.
  • Folding partitions for a warehouse — zoning that allows you to protect part of the room from noisy work by arranging an office, recreation area or other space in them.
  • Folding partitions for a sports hall — dividing the hall for practicing different sports. For example, in one space, athletes work on loud simulators, and through the wall-do yoga, which requires silence and peace.
  • Folding partitions for schools — zoning of classrooms for more convenient classes in groups, laboratory work, and so on.

There are actually many more options for using movable walls and partitions. They can be used almost everywhere where you need to divide the space not only visually, but also functionally.

The main thing is that these are really high-quality designs that we offer you.