Folding partitions in schools

The main requirement for folding partitions used in schools is their safety. The second important issue that people pay attention to when ordering this product for schools is its ease of use.


QAZAQWALL designs meet both the first and second conditions.

The panels are fixed in the ceiling profile, which acts as a monorail, along which the rollers attached to the panels (two on each) move. The supporting base is attached to a concrete floor slab or to a special base that is assembled above the suspended ceiling. The weight of the panel is small. It does not exceed 20 kg / sq. m. Therefore, our partitions can not cause the collapse of the ceiling in principle.

Both teachers and children (students) can push and shift them. The product has no sharp edges, piercing and cutting elements, parts made of glass. The available magnetic latches-closers guarantee the formation of a single plane of the partition in the expanded form.

As closers that form a single wall surface formed by a closed partition, magnetic latches are installed in the end parts of each segment. A locking latch extends from the penultimate panel. For this purpose, a special handle is provided, also recessed into the panel.

The panel surfaces have high wear resistance and fully meet the sanitary requirements of the current SanPiN. At the request of customers instead of the control panel can be mounted dry erase Board, mirror, etc., that expands its functionality.