The configuration of the movable walls

Movable walls allow you to easily zone the space in the room without redevelopment. This is a convenient solution for both commercial and residential areas. You can choose the desired configuration of the sliding wall, materials, mounting method, and other parameters at your discretion.

Currently there are three basic configurations of movable walls:

  1. Acoustic folding partitions "accordion" QAZAQWALL, consisting of panels connected by loops. Such partitions are opened and assembled on the principle of an accordion.
  2. Classic movable walls QAZAQWALL, which consist of separate panels that move along a special ceiling track and when opened are collected in a compact Parking area.
  3. Sound-proof movable walls of PARTHOS, which resemble the classic sliding walls/partitions in their configuration, but with a possible panel height of up to 15 meters. This allows you to use such structures in especially large rooms – audience halls, conference halls, shopping centers, showrooms, and so on.

In our company you can order production and installation of movable walls of any of the listed configurations. We take into account the specifics of the room and its use, the features of the existing or future interior, individual customer wishes, and so on.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with already implemented projects in order to more accurately select the appropriate configuration of movable walls for your purposes and operating conditions. If necessary, our managers will give you free advice on all your questions.

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