How to choose the color of a sliding partition?

Color of the sliding partitionWhen ordering sliding partitions, you need to take into account a number of parameters: dimensions, installation method, opening direction, sound insulation level, etc. But let's drop the technical nuances for now and talk about the visual component.

So, color!

The choice directly depends on the interior style used. To simplify the task of color selection, we want to give some recommendations.

For interiors in the art Nouveau or classicism style, you need to choose partitions in the color of wooden elements: Windows, doors, furniture and finishing details.
Under the style of constructivism, minimalism and high-tech, it is worth considering more "light" colors – white, turquoise, light green and others. Again, much depends on the colors used in the interior. Glass elements of partitions can be glossy or Matt – at the discretion of the customer.
Kitsch and pop art styles are completely incompatible with grayness. Here, give preference to bright colors and unusual combinations. Colors that contrast with furniture, walls, and decor look good. Experiment!
For rare now Gothic and Empire, as well as country, more natural shades are suitable. For example, wood brown or pastel colors. Moreover, the lighter the interior, the lighter the partitions should be. It is better to do without excessive contrast. Otherwise, the partitions will look too "heavy" in this environment.
By the way, now you can order not just colored sliding partitions, but also products with any images – from the company logo to large-format landscapes. This opportunity is already used by many companies and organizations that are serious about creating a unique corporate style.

Finally, we would like to remind you that in our company you can order 100% individual production of folding partitions. Discuss with the Manager all the details of the future design, and we will produce it within 5 days.

And if you need any help in choosing a color, texture, or more complex graphic design, we will be happy to help you with this issue.