Advantages of soundproof movable walls

There are a lot of methods for visually zoning a space, from lighting to arranging furniture and changing the height of the floor or ceiling. But if we are talking about functional zoning, the task becomes more complicated.

By and large you have two ways:

  1. Build a monolithic wall of bricks, blocks or drywall.
  2. Install folding partitions for zoning.

Until recently, owners of residential and commercial premises preferred the first option. And there were no decent alternatives when it came to good sound insulation and fire safety. But now the folding partition is a reliable, lightweight, soundproof and fire-proof structure.

Modern movable soundproof walls have a number of advantages:

  1. Do not require permission for redevelopment. Unlike conventional monolithic walls, the installation of folding partitions does not require obtaining appropriate permits and redevelopment. You don't have to deal with bureaucracy.
  2. They are installed in the shortest possible time. Installation usually takes only a few hours. So, office sliding partitions are installed on average in 4 hours. The speed depends on the complexity of the project and the specifics of the chosen design.
  3. Dismantling is just as fast. Office movable walls can be quickly dismantled, moved to a new location and installed there. All this is done in a matter of hours.
  4. Movable soundproof walls look aesthetically pleasing and neat. They do not weigh down the interior, but only complement it. When assembled, they take up a minimum of space in the Parking area.

And most importantly — sliding partitions can be opened at any time, freeing up space. You won't need much effort or special tools to do this. Even a child can handle it.

Thanks to the system of rollers and tracks, opening and closing of partitions is almost silent and very smooth. And the seals prevent strong impacts and provide an additional level of sound insulation.

We believe that the choice in favor of movable soundproof walls is obvious. And we are sure you will agree with us!